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29 July 2021

It was a pleasure speaking with author Catharine Arnold last year. She wrote a very popular, and now prophetic book on the 1918 pandemic. It was released in 2018. I wanted to speak with Catharine to get a perspective on today’s pandemic verses the one the world went through over a hundred years ago.

The result was a revealing conversation on the number of parallels there were between then and now, even in spite of all the advancements in medical technology. At the end of the day, people are people. And the panic and skepticism of a hundred years ago fell right in place with much of the mood and emotion of 2020.

Catharine’s book also revealed a lot of what it was like to be alive in 1918. She talks about the people who rose up to the challenge, and those who took complete advantage of the situation such as San Quentin prison’s Dr Leo Stanley. He used the pandemic as an excuse to perform over 10,000 human experiments on inmates.

Catharine talks about spies, scandals and so much more of what happened during the time of this earth shaking event. And through her book and conversations in this podcast, we hope to make a bit more sense out of how a pandemic is handled in 2021.

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