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8 January 2021

As part of the BrandScience podcast, I’ll also be sharing refreshing, innovative store solutions. This would definitely rank right up there. Let’s leave 2021 behind and look back on a time of retail normalcy. Christmas 2016.

European candy company, Frey, created an in-store promotional display that is unlike any ever seen before. As customers approached the display of chocolate boxes, the boxes would break out in song sharing Christmas carols. Having worked for nine years with InfoShow, a major in-store marketing company that created video displays in Walmarts, I’m well versed on how difficult it is to draw people in and make your message land. This is chocolate gold.

Behold the magic of singing chocolate.

This really feels like Christmas but here’s how the magic was created.

This is ingenuity at its best and it gives us hope of a time in the not too distant future where we can wander worry free through a retail environment and just lose yourself in brilliant displays like this.

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