Tim McLarty’s builds media through his company Ontrack Communications.  His  career BP (before podcasting) has been a mixed media map.
He started as a part time radio announcer at his home town radio station, CFCO Chatham where he pinched himself to stay awake overnights and read obituary and farm reports. He went on to enjoy hosting radio shows across Canada for 17 years at stations such as Q107 Toronto, HtzFM, Niagara, CHED Edmonton and Y95 Hamilton.

He enjoyed the writing, producing and performing aspect so he went on to cobble together some uber talented people to form a comedy company, producing parody and humour for radio stations around the world.

From there he went on to teach announcing, writing and performance at Humber College in Toronto. At the same time he started RadioRadio studio, working with other agencies to craft memorable commercials for 1000s of clients.

In 1998 he started a video creative boutique called Ontrack Communications and  has worked with thousands of clients to produce their broadcast and online commercials and help them extend their video brand into online campaigns.

In 2020, just before the pandemic, he started working with a series of creative minds to produce podcasts. The result was The Lazy Actor and Under the Rock. In late 2020 he decided to produce this podcast to speak to other creative minds and share inspiration and ideas. And thus the genesis of BrandScience, the podcast. Tim has since implemented a safe, protocol process to produce high quality podcasts remotely.

In his spare time he works with other creative souls to produce passion projects and learn as much as he can about life and the ongoing creative process.

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