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Do you need to be creative for a living? This is your podcast.

Brandscience approaches the creative process with inspiration and information.  Host Tim McLarty speaks with actors, strategists, authors, designers and other influencers who share valuable information on their process and the work that inspires and informs.

The Pandemic - Then & Now

British author Catharine Arnold wrote and published Pandemic 1918 in 2018.  She’s an expert on that pandemic and we compare that pandemic with today’s and see that in some ways we didn’t learn from history at all. 


The Voice of a Nation

Coming soon  In Episode 3 Tim speaks with one of the imaging voices of the CBC in Canada, Tony Daniels. Tony is the voice of hundreds of animated cartoons and commercials and is one of the most in demand voice artists in North America.

Trolls or Triumphs – Dennis Garces – Episode 2

Trolls or Triumphs – Dennis Garces – Episode 2

In this episode we talk with social digital entrepreneur Dennis Garces. He worked on the non-partisan group Rock The Vote in both of Obama’s runs and has been part of a multitude of online social start ups. We talk about how the political and social ramifications of unchecked posts through the social ecosystem. And Dennis shares a little bit about his previous life as a record promo guy in the 90s.